Gaining Sponsors

#OpenSource #Career #BookStack

Recently, after transparently sharing BookStack funding data I’ve had a few questions from others regarding how I’ve gained sponsors. There’s no magic hack I’m afraid, but below details my own experience and thoughts on this.

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"This is a Low Maintenance Project"


I love open source, but publishing, maintaining & supporting an open source project can take a lot of effort & time. There can often be expectations that if your project is open then you’re looking to grow it out with added features and contributions.

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Migrating Google Photos to my Personal NAS

#Selfhosted #Linux #Bash

Recently I’ve been working to somewhat detach myself from Google services after seeing growing reported cases of users being suddenly locked out of their account without any possible recourse. As part of this, I had about 5 year’s worth of photos stored solely within Google Photos that I wanted to migrate and organise within my personal NAS storage.

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Lessons From Working for Myself (9 Months In)


I left my previous job at the end of September 2021 to focus on BookStack and OpenSource work full time. The initial plan was to spend 6 months away from work but here I am 9 months later, with no immediate plan to start job hunting just yet.

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My 2022 Workstation Setup


Thought I’d document my home PC setup. This is my setup going into 2022: Nerd Corner This is the one part of my home that I dedicate to being a “nerd corner” as can be seen by the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” posters in addition to the exploded-view console posters.

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