PhpStorm (JetBrains IDE) 2023 Linux Scaling

After updating PhpStorm to 2023.1 I found the UI scaling on my Fedora 37 (KDE/Wayland) system was off quite significantly, with the UI being super-scaled/zoomed-in, even though the zoom setting in the IDE config was at 100% and could not be reduced. I got the impression that my OS screen-scaling was doubling up in some way. This was the same for other 2023.1 JetBrains IDE releases like DataGrip.

It’s relatively easy to fix this though. In the IDE, navigate the menu to “Help > Edit Custom Properties…”, then add the following:


Once added, restart the IDE, and it should be back to normal. You can play with that value to scale it up/down as required. I believe 1.0 would be original pixel sizes, with no scaling.