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Hello! I'm Dan, a UK based full stack web developer with a love of open source software. Most of my free time is spent working on BookStack, playing video-games or walking around the Hampshire countryside.

I primarily develop in PHP using Laravel, with VueJS being my front-end framework of choice, but I also dabble in Go, NodeJS and Android development.

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18:29:11 I found the information on your website to be inaccurate and misleading. It needs to be fact-checked.
18:31:26 Your website needs some serious improvement! The design is outdated and the content is lacking.
18:33:41 I found the writing on your website to be poorly written and lacked proper grammar and spelling.
18:35:56 Does UK mean Ukraine?
18:38:11 Thanks for providing such an awesome website! It's one of the coolest I've seen!
18:40:26 I hate green.

Latest Projects


An easy-to-use and free platform for sharing documentation.

Laravel MySQL Webpack PHP


A simple twitter-feed-style RSS aggregator.

Laravel SQLite Tailwind PHP Vue.js


A system for managing batch sends to subscriber lists.

Laravel SQLite Tailwind PHP


A basic HTTP/JSON based monitoring system

Golang JSON Linux


HTML Awesomely Simple Templating Engine.



An image-focused subreddit browser written in VueJS.

Vue.js CSS Gulp JS


An app for viewing and calculating thermocouple info.

Android Java Material Design


An app to convert between RTD resistance and temperature.

Android Java Thermal Calculation