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Hello! I'm Dan, a UK based full stack web developer with a love of open source software. Most of my free time is spent working on BookStack, playing video-games or walking around the Hampshire countryside.

I primarily develop in PHP using Laravel, with VueJS being my front-end framework of choice, but I also dabble in Go, NodeJS and Android development.

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2024-07-02 Lessons from the Allotment
2024-06-04 Futo, Please don't attempt to create your own Open Source Definition
2024-03-05 Material You (Dynamic/Adaptive) Colors in Legacy Android Apps
2024-01-19 Scripting Monitors (Gnome & Wayland on Fedora)
2024-01-08 Retaining a Greenhouse Roof with 3d Printing
2023-12-24 Games Played in 2023
2023-12-12 Lessons From Growing Food Indoors
2023-11-15 Why the Distinction Between "Open Source" and "Source Available" is Important
2023-08-31 Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 Timelapse
2023-08-03 Removing the Rear Seats on a Volvo C30
2023-07-27 Reporting Google's WEI to the CMA
2023-07-24 Controlling Default GRUB Boot Option via USB
2023-07-10 Creating a Video Home for FOSS Projects
2023-07-07 Paying for Search
2023-04-21 My Favourite Static Site Deploy Method
2023-04-04 PhpStorm (JetBrains IDE) 2023 Linux Scaling
2023-03-29 Synology Hibernation with Active Backup for Business and Tailscale
2023-03-20 My 2023 HomeLab Setup
2023-02-09 Redefining Open Source via "Commercial Open Source"
2023-01-30 Moving to Mastodon
2023-01-25 Gaining Sponsors
2023-01-17 "This is a Low Maintenance Project"
2022-11-07 Upgrading my CPU, Ryzen 2600 to 5800x
2022-10-07 Migrating Google Photos to my Personal NAS
2022-10-03 Scheduling Proxmox Storage to Reduce Disk Activity
2022-07-30 Why the Term "Open Source" is Important
2022-07-07 Lessons From Working for Myself (9 Months In)
2022-06-27 Misrepresenting Open Source for Business Benefit
2022-01-16 Cat Images in WebP
2022-01-15 My 2022 Workstation Setup


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14:35:10 I was disappointed with the lack of updates on your website. It needs to be more frequently maintained.
14:37:25 Your website is not mobile-friendly and difficult to view on smaller screens.
14:39:40 I was searching the web for inspiration and your website has definitely given me some great ideas. Thank you!
14:41:55 Thanks for providing such an awesome website! It's one of the coolest I've seen!
14:44:10 I was disappointed with the lack of information on your website. It needs to be more thorough.
14:46:25 I'm so happy I found your website! It's amazing!

Latest Projects


An easy-to-use and free platform for sharing documentation.

Laravel MySQL Webpack PHP


A simple twitter-feed-style RSS aggregator.

Laravel SQLite Tailwind PHP Vue.js


A system for managing batch sends to subscriber lists.

Laravel SQLite Tailwind PHP


A basic HTTP/JSON based monitoring system

Golang JSON Linux


HTML Awesomely Simple Templating Engine.



An image-focused subreddit browser written in VueJS.

Vue.js CSS Gulp JS


An app for viewing and calculating thermocouple info.

Android Java Material Design


An app to convert between RTD resistance and temperature.

Android Java Thermal Calculation