Removing the Rear Seats on a Volvo C30

Sometimes you try to do something but, much to your surprise, there’s no discoverable information on the internet to guide you. My most recent experience of this came when attempting to remove the rear seats in my Volvo C30. It was not clear, from any of the guides or online advice, how the seats were attached. Some of the guidance for similar Volvo models ended up being completely different and led me to cause some damage. So I thought it’d be best to document this simple process in the hope it helps the next numpty that’s having trouble with this.

Note: My Volvo c30 is a UK 2009 R-design model. I’m not sure about the variance of models. Also, I’m not a mechanic, just a plonker attempting to fix their own issues, so follow my guidance at your own risk.

  1. Grasp the center far part of the seats, so at the back between the seat-belts, then pull up and a bit towards the front of the car. Only enough to unhook the seats from behind the little clasp that’s there, so the back part feels loose.
  2. On the front of each side, at the center of the seat pull directly up. The clasps are very much vertical.
  3. Success!!

The front clasps have plastic parts around them. Some of that broke for me, probably due to attempting seat removal wrong for a while before.

Here’s a visual overview:

Rear Volvo C30 seats with arrows and numbers, showing the steps to remove them

Here’s a close-up of one of the clasps that’s on the front of the seats, and the hole it goes into (think I’m missing a plastic piece on the hole there):

Close-up of Rear Volvo C30 seat front clasp mechanism

And here’s view under the seats to give an overall picture, along with the rear clasp thingy:

Close-up of Rear Volvo C30 seat front clasp mechanism