My 2023 HomeLab Setup

Thought I’d document my current homelab setup. I’m not one to go full-out with a server rack, my setup is contained within a couple of shelves within some storage cubes:

2023 Homelab Setup

Within this I have:

The thing I like most about my setup is that it’s low-noise and power efficient. There’s no noise unless the NAS disks spin up during use. The whole system idles at around 11W, which goes up to ~50W when the NAS is out of hibernation (Which is its common default state).

I don’t feel like I need to upgrade anything anytime soon. The recent NAS upgrade and UPS battery refresh has updated everything to my current needs. The NUC is getting a bit old now but I don’t find it slow or limiting in my use so I’ll keep it going as the great little workhorse that it is. I am tempted to move Home Assistant into proxmox, just for easier management and to free up another Pi for random uses, but I don’t see any rush to do this.

On the network side of things, I recently changed the home network to be on a /16 subnet to widen the range of IPs available. I done this so I can use a more sensible scheme for organising devices on the network, and to have a clear boundary between DHCP devices and differnt static use-cases. I now have something like this: