My 2022 Workstation Setup


Thought I’d document my home PC setup. This is my setup going into 2022: Nerd Corner This is the one part of my home that I dedicate to being a “nerd corner” as can be seen by the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” posters in addition to the exploded-view console posters.

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A Thanks to Laravel for the LTS Releases

I just wanna shout my thanks to Taylor Otwell, Graham Campbell, Mohamed Said, Dries Vints & all the other great Laravel maintainers for spending the time and effort in maintaining the LTS releases of the framework (In addition to all the other work you do for the framework and it’s ecosystem).

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The Power of currentColor

#CSS #Web Development

Within BookStack I wanted to allow customizability of the theme colors in a few cases. These are often applied to things like buttons or links, an element may utilise that theme color in a few different shades.

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